This is How we can help

  • We will teach you about the process and the DWI laws
  • Answer all your questions
  • Find out evidence against you
  • Discover good evidence that benefits your case
  • Request administrative hearing regarding your driver's license
  • Obtain reports from Department of Public Safety
  • Examine the stop and legality of police procedures
  • Determine legality of procedures during field sobriety tests and chemical tests
  • Discover certifications regarding maintenance tech, operator, and intoxilyzer
  • Look for any and all technical legal defenses
  • Refer to the most recent laws
  • Attend hearing for driver's license case
  • Advise you on all your options
  • Attend court hearings - arraignment, motions, pretrial conference, trial
  • Obtain discovery responses from the District Attorney
  • Analyze DA's proposed evidence against you
  • Determine what is in your best interest overall

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